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Lime’s innovative rental e-scooters have revolutionized how we commute in big cities. Before you hop on the latest craze, it is crucial to understand the rental e-scooter laws. Fielding Law has compiled all the necessary regulations to ensure your trip is smooth and injury-free.

The Fine Print & What You Need to Know

At the start of your ride with Lime’s e-scooter, you are shown a lengthy user agreement. You cannot operate the electric scooter until you agree to its terms. Many users skim through and do not realize they are waiving Lime from all liability in case of an injury. This does not mean justice is not available for you in the case of an injury.   

California Assembly Bill 2989 has been updated to enhance the safety of electric scooter use. This bill includes specific laws designed to promote safe riding practices and ensure the well-being of riders.

Helmet Requirement

No matter how experienced you are using an electric scooter, you must wear a helmet when riding with Lime. In the case you were to fall off the e-scooter, wearing a helmet can protect you from serious injuries.

Age Requirement

Leave the kids at home for this activity. Under Lime’s agreement, all riders must be 18 years or older to ride their rental e-scooter.  

License Requirement 

Like any other motorized vehicle, an electric scooter requires a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit to use. Riders are instructed to follow the flow of traffic. To do this safely, you need proper documentation to prove you understand the rules of the road. 

 Street Regulations  
  • Riders are instructed to follow the flow of traffic. 
  • To prevent e-scooter riders from injuring themselves or pedestrians, they must remain in the bike line.  
  • All regular regulations for motorized vehicles apply to rental e-scooter riders.  
  • To further protect pedestrians, ensure your scooter is properly parked away from the risk of vehicle collision or pedestrian trips and falls.   
 Speed Limit

Prioritize your safety by sticking to the maximum speed limit of 15 MPH. This will ensure your ride is smooth and secure. Not only does exceeding this limit risk a traffic violation, but it also heightens the potential for injuries. 

How Fielding Law Can Help?

Fielding Law provides legal guidance if you are injured even after following all the rental e-scooter laws. Unexpected accidents on the road can happen anytime. Our team is here to help you navigate the complexities of your situation and determine the appropriate course of action toward seeking justice. Call 833.88.SHARK for a free legal consultation and expert legal advice. 

Note: Information provided is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Always consult with a qualified attorney for legal concerns.