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Fielding Law AM790 KABC Attorney

AM790 KABC Attorney

Clark Fielding and Ryan Cooper at 790 KABC

Fielding Law: Premier Personal Injury Attorneys on AM790 KABC

Fielding Law is proud to have a strong and enduring relationship with AM790 KABC, solidifying our presence as the go-to AM790 KABC attorney. Our collaboration extends beyond conventional legal discussions, with Fielding Law contributing valuable safety tips broadcasted on 790 KABC. We strive to engage and educate the community, emphasizing the importance of safety and legal awareness through this impactful partnership. Tune in to AM790 KABC to catch our insightful discussions and stay informed with Fielding Law, your trusted AM790 KABC attorney.


Download Fielding Law’s Accident Preparedness Guide to Navigate Unexpected Moments!

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“Safety Tips From My Buddy Clark Fielding and His School of Sharks…”

Randy Wang, the dynamic host of the Randy Wang Show on KABC, passionately endorses Fielding Law through engaging ads on his show. Tune in to 790 KABC and catch Randy Wang promoting Fielding Law with enthusiasm and insight, showcasing the exceptional legal services provided by Clark Fielding and the team. Stay informed and entertained with Randy Wang’s dynamic endorsements on the Randy Wang Show!

Fielding Law is your AM790 KABC Attorney.

Randy Wang of 790 KABC
“The Randy Wang Show”

John Phillips of 790 KABC
“The John Phillips

“It is Easy to Feel Lost in the Sea of Legal Complexities, but Fear Not Clark and His Team of Legal Sharks…”

John Phillips: OC native, radio personality, and the voice behind Clark the Shark’s ads on AM 790 KABC. As the youngest major-market radio talk show host, Phillips brings wit and political insight to ‘The John Phillips Show.’ Catch him in radio spots actively aiding clients on their recovery journey with Fielding Law.

“Fielding Law Always Has Your Back. They Are Not Just Lawyers They Are Your Fin-Tastic Friends of the Legal World.”

Meet the undisputed Voice of Business News in Southern California, Frank Mottek. With over thirty years of news coverage, Frank brings a wealth of experience to 790 KABC, hosting “Mottek on Money” daily at 4 pm. Engaging with industry leaders, he provides crucial insights for financial well-being. Trusted by Southern Californians, Frank is a must-listen voice that enhances your day, offering wisdom to make you smarter and wealthier. Also, catch Frank Mottek in radio spots for Fielding Law, actively aiding clients on their journey to recovery after accidents. Join Frank for a daily dose of financial wisdom and valuable support.

Frank Mottek of 790 KABC
“Mottek on Money Show”

AM790 KABC attorney Saban Theater

Fielding Law’s Festive Marquee Messages Illuminate the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills

Experience the festive spirit with Fielding Law’s captivating PSA-style messages displayed on the iconic marquee of the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. Our heartwarming messages include ‘Fielding Law Sponsoring a Safe School Year with KABC,’ ‘No Hocus, Just Safety Focus!,’ ‘Sweater Weather and Safety Together,’ and ‘Have a Holly Jaw-ly Holiday from Fielding Law and KABC.’ These vibrant displays not only spread joy but also emphasize our commitment to safety and community engagement. Did you get a chance to enjoy them?