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Boating Accident

Jet Ski or Sea-Doo accident

What to Do After a Jet Ski or Sea-Doo Accident

By Boating Accident, Personal Injury, Personal Watercraft (PWC) Accident

Jet skiing is an exhilarating water sport enjoyed by many, but accidents can happen. It is crucial to understand what your insurance policy covers in case of a personal watercraft (PWC) accident. Here is a breakdown of common coverage options:

Liability Coverage: This typically covers bodily injury and property damage to others if you are at fault in an accident.

Medical Payments Coverage: This can help pay for medical expenses for you and your passengers if injured in a Jet Ski or Sea-Doo accident, regardless of fault.

Uninsured/Underinsured Boater Coverage: Protects you if you are in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured operator.

Physical Damage Coverage: Covers repair or replacement costs for your Jet Ski or Sea-Doo if damaged in an accident.

Personal Property Coverage: May cover personal items lost or damaged during an accident.

After a Jet Ski or Sea-Doo Accident: Steps to Take

Experiencing a Jet Ski or Sea-Doo accident can be distressing, but knowing what to do afterward can help protect your rights and ensure a smoother recovery process. Here are essential steps to take after a Jet Ski or Sea-Doo accident:

  1. Ensure Safety: First and foremost, check yourself and others for injuries. Move to a safe location away from further danger if possible.
  2. Seek Medical Attention: Even if you do not initially feel injured, it is crucial to seek medical evaluation as some injuries may not be immediately apparent. Documenting injuries promptly is vital for insurance claims.
  3. Report the Accident: Report the accident to local authorities or the Coast Guard, especially if there are injuries, property damage, or environmental concerns.
  4. Gather Information: Collect contact information, insurance details, and statements from witnesses. Take photos or videos of the accident scene, including any damages to the Personal Watercraft (PWC) and surrounding areas.
  5. Consult with Legal Counsel: Consult with Fielding Law, we are experienced in Jet Ski or Sea-Doo accident cases.
  6. Preserve Evidence: Keep all documents related to the accident, including medical records, repair estimates, and correspondence with insurance companies or legal representatives.

Navigating Jet Ski or Sea-Doo Accidents with Fielding Law

Dealing with insurance companies after a personal watercraft (PWC) accident can be complex. Fielding Law can help you navigate this process by:

  • Reviewing your insurance policy to determine coverage options.
  • Assisting in filing insurance claims and negotiating settlements.
  • Providing legal representation if your claim is disputed or denied.

Do not navigate insurance claims alone. Contact Fielding Law at 833.88.SHARK for expert guidance and support after a Jet Ski or Sea-Doo accident. Our team is dedicated to helping you understand your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

Note: Information provided is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Always consult with a qualified attorney for legal concerns.

Vacation Injury in california

Injured While on Vacation in California

By Bicycle Accident, Boating Accident, Car Accident, E-Bikes and E-Scooters, Motorcycle Accident, Pedestrian Accident, Personal Injury, Public Entity, Slip or Trip and Fall

Vacations are meant to be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, but accidents can happen, leading to unexpected injuries and challenges. If you have been injured in California while on vacation but live elsewhere, it is essential to know what steps to take and the importance of working with local attorneys licensed in California. In this blog post, we will discuss the crucial steps to take after a vacation accident in California and why having a local attorney on your side is essential.

Steps After a Vacation Injury

Seek Immediate Medical Attention
The first step after any accident, including one on vacation in California, is to seek immediate medical attention. Your health and well-being are top priorities, so do not delay seeking treatment. Visit the nearest medical facility or hospital in California to receive a thorough evaluation and necessary care for your injuries.

Document the Incident
As soon as possible, document the details of the accident in California. Take photos of the scene, your injuries, and any contributing factors such as hazardous conditions. Collect contact information from witnesses who saw the incident occur. This documentation will be valuable for your legal case.

Report the Incident
If the accident occurred on someone else’s property in California, such as a hotel or resort, report the incident to the property management or authorities. Request a written report of the incident for your records, as this can help establish liability later on.

Preserve Evidence
Preserve any physical evidence related to the accident in California, such as damaged belongings or clothing. Keep records of medical treatment received, including doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and medical bills. These records will be crucial for your injury claim.

Consult with a Local Attorney Licensed in California
When seeking legal assistance for a vacation-related accident in California, it is important to work with a local attorney who is licensed in California. Local attorneys have knowledge of California-specific laws, statutes of limitations, and legal procedures. They can provide personalized legal guidance based on their understanding of local practices and help you navigate the complexities of your case.

Why Local Attorneys Licensed in California Matter

Working with a local attorney licensed in California offers several advantages:

  • They understand California laws and regulations governing your case.
  • They have experience with California courts and legal procedures.
  • They can communicate effectively with local authorities and insurance companies in California.
  • They provide personalized legal advice tailored to your specific case and jurisdiction.

Taking the right steps after a vacation accident in California and seeking assistance from a local attorney licensed in California can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Fielding Law is here to provide expert legal guidance and support during this challenging time. Contact us at 833.88.SHARK for personalized assistance in personal injury cases related to vacation accidents in California.

Note: Information provided is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Always consult with a qualified attorney for legal concerns.

boat safety tips for spring break

Boat Safety Tips For Spring Break Fun

By Boating Accident

With the sun shining bright just in time for spring break, it is time to prepare our boats to set sail. With all the excitement of getting a well-deserved week of fun, remember to use safe practices on board.  Our dedicated team at Fielding Law prepared boat safety tips for spring break so it can be full of memories, not injuries.  

Understand The Risk

According to the United States Coast Guard, there are over 5,000 boating incidents that occur every year in the U.S. The main contributors include boating under the influence, operator inexperience or inattention, and excessive speed. These incidents have resulted in over 3,00o injuries and 700 deaths. A week meant for fun can quickly take a turn when you are not taking the proper precautions.  

Safety Tips for Boating Fun

Familiarize Yourself With the Rules of the Water: Before you set sail, familiarize yourself with the rules of the water. Enjoy a seamless trip with The BoatUS Foundation guide created to ensure a safe day out boating.

Share Your Plans: Let someone know where you plan to go and what time you should be back to shore. In case of an emergency, someone on land will know to look for you and call for help if needed.   

Designate A Sober Skipper: Before you leave the dock, designate someone who will ensure the safe operation of the boat and the safety of the party. The Coast Guard has reported that boating under the influence is the leading cause of fatal accidents on the water.   

Ensure Proper Equipment: Before you set sail, ensure you have everything you need in case of an emergency while away from the deck. Here is a checklist of the necessary equipment for a safe day out.  

  • Enough life jackets for everyone on board 
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher 
  • Visual distress signals (i.e., flares and flags) 
  • Sound signal (i.e., whistle or air horn) 
  • Navigation lights  
  • Take a boating safety course  

Before you head out, check that all the equipment is in working order and has not expired. This checklist is not just a suggestion but requirements placed by the U.S. Coast Guard.  

Avoid Bad Weather: Before you head for your day of fun on the water, check the forecast and make sure it is safe to be out on a boat.   

Stay Alert of Wildlife: When you are out in the water, stay alert for any wildlife and boat responsibly.

Fielding Law is Here For You

Keep your spring break fun, and keep your outing safe and legal. Safety is not meant to be a bummer but rather a tool to give you peace of mind and let you kick back on your day of fun. With our boat safety tips for spring break, you can enjoy your day and return to shore accident-free. If the unexpected occurs and you are the victim in a boating accident, allow Fielding Law to be your anchor. Our trusted attorneys are ready to provide unwavering support in these intricate waters. Call 833.88.SHARK for a free legal consultation. We wish you a fun-filled spring break out on the water! 

Note: Information provided is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Always consult with a qualified attorney for legal concerns.

Navigating GoFundMe Pages After Catastrophic Injuries

By Assault, Bicycle Accident, Boating Accident, Brain Injury (TBI), Burn Injury, Car Accident, Catastrophic Injury, Dog Bite, Motorcycle Accident, Pedestrian Accident, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Public Entity, Slip or Trip and Fall, Truck Accident, Wrongful Death

Facing the aftermath of catastrophic injuries is an emotionally and financially challenging journey. In seeking financial assistance, many individuals turn to crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe to alleviate the burden of medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and daily living expenses. At Fielding Law, we recognize the complex intersection of compassion and legal strategy when it comes to utilizing these fundraising avenues. This guide aims to shed light on the potential impacts of GoFundMe pages on personal injury cases, offering valuable insights to empower you in making informed decisions during this sensitive time.

The Pros of GoFundMe Pages

  • Financial Support: One of the primary benefits of GoFundMe pages is the ability to garner financial assistance from a wide network of friends, family, and even compassionate strangers.
  • Community Connection: Beyond financial relief, these platforms foster a sense of community support, providing individuals with emotional strength during their recovery journey.

The Cons to Consider

  • Impact on Damages: It is crucial to be aware that funds raised through a GoFundMe campaign might be perceived as compensation, potentially affecting the damages sought in a legal case.
  • Admission of Need: Insurance companies may leverage the existence of a GoFundMe page as evidence of financial need, potentially influencing the negotiation dynamics.

Navigating the Legal Landscape of a GoFundMe After an Injury

  • Consult Your Attorney: Seeking early guidance from your personal injury attorney is paramount. They can provide insights into how the funds raised might impact the legal aspects of your case.
  • Transparent Communication: Open and transparent communication is key. Inform your attorney about your fundraising efforts, allowing them to tailor their legal strategy accordingly and preventing any unexpected surprises during legal proceedings.

Why Hire Fielding Law

In the complex intersection of compassion and legal strategy, choosing the right legal representation becomes pivotal. At Fielding Law, our approach is characterized by both empathy and capability. We understand the multifaceted challenges you face and offer not just legal guidance but compassionate support. With a track record of successful outcomes and a commitment to client advocacy, we go beyond the role of a legal team; we become your partners in ensuring your well-being is safeguarded throughout the legal process.

While GoFundMe pages can be a lifeline during times of crisis, understanding their potential impact on legal cases is paramount. At Fielding Law, we navigate these nuances with care and expertise, ensuring that your pursuit of support does not inadvertently compromise your legal rights. Call Fielding Law at833.88.SHARK for a free consultation, and let us guide you through the delicate balance of seeking assistance and protecting your legal interests.

Note: Information provided is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Always consult with a qualified attorney for legal concerns.