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After reviewing hundreds of thousands of crashes over more than two decades, researchers have determined that a car’s color might influence the likelihood of getting into a car accident. Here is a ranking of car colors based on their crash risk, starting with the color considered to be the most dangerous.

Black Cars: The Riskiest Choice

Of all the colors, black is considered the riskiest choice. Research suggests that black vehicles are involved in accidents much more frequently than other colors. During the day, black vehicles are associated with about a 12 percent increase in crash risk. At night, this risk spikes to about 47 percent.

Why are black cars more dangerous? They can be difficult to see, particularly at night, blending in easily with the surroundings.

Grey Cars: A Popular but Riskier Option

Grey cars, while popular, pose a higher risk of accidents. Research shows that the risk of an accident increases by about 11 percent when driving a grey car. Their monochrome appearance can make them tough to spot, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Silver Cars: The Divided Risk

Studies on silver cars yield mixed results. Some researchers suggest a 10 percent increase in crash risk, while others indicate they might be one of the safer choices. Factors like shade, driving environment, and weather conditions can influence these findings.

Blue Cars: Middle-of-the-Pack Risk

Blue cars fall in the middle in terms of crash risk, with a 7 percent increase compared to the safest colors. The shade of blue can play a role, with lighter shades being more visible than darker ones.

Red Cars: Debunking the Myth

Contrary to popular belief, red cars are not significantly riskier. They have a 7 percent increase in crash risk, similar to blue cars. Choosing red over darker colors may not impact safety significantly.

Green, Gold, Orange, White, and Yellow Cars: Safer Choices

Colors like green, gold, orange, white, and yellow are generally safer choices, with lower crash risk percentages compared to high-risk colors like black and grey. These colors are more visible and stand out on the road, reducing the chances of accidents.

Choose Wisely, Drive Safely

Your car’s color can indeed influence your crash risk. While some colors like black and grey pose higher risks, others like yellow and white are associated with lower crash probabilities. Ultimately, choosing a highly visible color can enhance safety on the road.

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