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According to the latest data from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and local law enforcement agencies, several cities in California stand out for their higher-than-average rates of car accidents. These statistics shed light on the areas where drivers need to exercise extra caution and defensive driving skills.

Los Angeles

  • Annual Car Accidents: Approximately 55,000
  • Primary Causes: Heavy Traffic, Reckless Driving
  • Riskiest Areas: Downtown, Hollywood, Interstate 405

San Francisco

  • Annual Car Accidents: Around 7,000
  • Main Causes: Congested Roads, Pedestrian Interactions
  • Riskiest Areas: Market Street, Lombard Street, Golden Gate Bridge Approach

San Diego

  • Annual Car Accidents: Over 10,000
  • Key Causes: Freeway Congestion, Lane Changes
  • Riskiest Areas: Interstate 5, Interstate 8, Downtown Core


  • Annual Car Accidents: Approximately 8,500
  • Major Causes: Rush Hour Traffic, Intersection Collisions
  • Riskiest Areas: Capitol Mall, Highway 50, Interstate 80


  • Annual Car Accidents: Around 6,000
  • Leading Causes: Tourist Traffic, Theme Park Areas
  • Riskiest Areas: Disneyland Resort, Interstate 5 Interchanges

These figures underscore the need for heightened awareness and defensive driving strategies, especially in densely populated or tourist-heavy regions. Staying informed about accident-prone areas can help drivers make safer choices while navigating California’s roadways.

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