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Proposition 213, also known as the Personal Responsibility Act, is a California law. It limits damages for individuals involved in car accidents if they were driving without insurance or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Understanding this proposition is vital for anyone navigating personal injury claims in California.

What Does Proposition 213 Mean for Me?

If you are subject to Proposition 213 in California, it means:

Limited Recovery: If you were driving without insurance or under the influence at the time of the accident, your recovery for non-economic damages, like pain and suffering, may be limited.

Exceptions Apply: There are exceptions to Proposition 213 that allow for full recovery of damages under certain circumstances.

Exceptions to Proposition 213 in California

Exceptions to Proposition 213 include:

Passenger Claims: If you were a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone without insurance or under the influence, Proposition 213 restrictions do not apply to you.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you may be able to recover damages regardless of the proposition restrictions.

Other Party’s Fault: If the accident was primarily the fault of another party, restrictions may not apply.

Everything You Need to Know

To navigate Proposition 213 and its exceptions effectively, it is essential to consult with Fielding Law. Our experienced attorneys guide you through the complexities of California’s personal injury laws, ensure your rights are protected.

Why Hire Fielding Law

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Note: Information provided is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Always consult with a qualified attorney for legal concerns.