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The highly anticipated Orange County Fair is just around the corner, promising a month of unique treats and rides. As one of the summer’s highlights for many Orange County residents, it is a time for fun and excitement. At Fielding Law, we want to ensure you are well-prepared for any unexpected injuries that might occur. 

Common Injuries at County Fairs  

Parking Lot Accidents  

Fairground parking lot accidents can occur due to various factors, including the high volume of vehicles, limited visibility, impatient pedestrians, and distracted drivers.  

Shark Tip: Be prepared for sudden stops and watch out for pedestrians walking in between cars. 

Ride Malfunctions  

Mechanical defects or operator errors can play a factor in ride malfunctions which can put riders in danger.  

Shark Tip: To avoid preventable injuries, carefully follow the ride operators’ instructions and adhere to all safety guidelines. 

Slip, Trip, and Falls  

Given the numerous food vendors and dusty grounds, hazards are inevitable. Spilled food and drinks, ride debris, and uneven surfaces can lead to injuries. 

Shark Tip: Watch your step and be attentive of any caution signs in walkways. Avoid distracted walking to protect yourself and others. 


The combination of inadequate security and excessive alcohol consumption can lead to aggressive behavior from strangers. 

Shark Tip: Stick with a group of trusted friends and avoid excessive alcohol consumption. 

Allergic Reactions

Eating fair food can pose several risks, including foodborne illnesses from improper handling or potential allergic reactions due to cross-contamination. 

Shark Tip: Make your allergies known to food vendors and always carry your medication with you. 

How to File an Injury Claim  

Start by seeking medical attention and reporting the incident to fair officials immediately. Be sure to document everything, including photos, and witness contact information. Establishing liability can be intricate due to the involvement of various parties such as the county, vendors, and ride operators. Make sure you speak with an attorney immediately to preserve evidence for your complex case. Be aware of strict notice requirements and deadlines for claims against government entities. Expect potential challenges, such as disputes over liability and severity of injuries. Get in touch with our attorneys at Fielding Law so we can handle the complexities while you focus on your recovery.  

Why Fielding Law 

At Fielding Law, we understand accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Our team of trusted attorneys is available 24/7 for a free legal consultation. Our goal is to make your path to justice as smooth as possible. Call us at 833.88.SHARK if you are injured at the Orange County Fair.

Note: Information provided is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Always consult with a qualified attorney for legal concerns.