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Clark Fielding, the founding principal and esteemed legal expert from Fielding Law, recently received a prestigious honor as a speaker at Law Di Gras 2023. This distinguished conference uniquely focuses on bridging the gap between doctors and lawyers, emphasizing education on chronic pain syndromes, orthopedic & spine injuries, and their implications in litigation.

Clark Fielding’s speaking engagement at Law Di Gras showcased his expertise in “Grassroots Marketing” and explored “Best Practices for Both Attorneys and Chiropractors.” This prestigious honor signifies Fielding’s role as a thought leader in revolutionizing legal conferences and promoting collaboration between the legal and chiropractic fields.

What is Law Di Gras?

Law Di Gras blends professional growth with family fun. Top lawyers and doctors share expertise, providing tools to communicate injuries effectively. Unlike traditional conferences, Law Di Gras features live music, adding entertainment for all ages.

Why Hire Fielding Law

  • Experienced and Compassionate Legal Team
  • Proven Track Record in Personal Injury Cases
  • Client-Centric Approach with Holistic Support
  • Transparent Communication Throughout Legal Processes

At Fielding Law, being part of this prestigious event reflects our commitment to client care beyond the courtroom. We understand the significance of holistic well-being, and Clark Fielding’s honored participation at Law Di Gras reinforces our dedication. If you’re seeking legal representation that combines expertise with empathy, look no further. Call 833.88.SHARK for a free consultation and experience the Fielding Law difference.