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Fielding Law and Senior Attorney, Ryan Cooper sponsored the Holiday Hack 2023 golf tournament held at Tijeras Creek Golf Club in Rancho Santa Margarita, California on December 22, 2023. Beyond birdies and bogeys, it was a swing for a noble cause – supporting the Fisher House Foundation.

The tournament united golf enthusiasts and philanthropists, creating an atmosphere of excitement as players, sponsors, and supporters gathered for a day of sportsmanship and giving back.

Fisher House Foundation: A Heartfelt Impact

Participants, driven by generosity, not only enjoyed a day on the greens but contributed to the cause, covering green fees, on-course games, lunch, and a post-tournament dinner. This financial backing translated into meaningful contributions to the Fisher House Foundation.

Fisher House Foundation stands out by never charging families for lodging, saving military and veterans’ families an estimated $400+ million in out-of-pocket costs for lodging and transportation. This financial relief echoes the foundation’s compassionate commitment to those who have served.

In supporting Fisher House Foundation, participants, sponsors, and organizers demonstrated that their collective efforts translate into tangible support for a cause that truly matters. The heartfelt impact resonates far beyond the greens, touching the lives of those supported by the Fisher House Foundation.

Passion for the Community

Fielding Law’s involvement goes beyond sponsorship; it exemplifies a commitment to empathy and care for the community. Just as they stand by their clients in legal matters, their active role in philanthropy demonstrates a broader understanding of supporting and uplifting others.

As the echoes of swings and laughter fade, the success of the Holiday Hack 2023 serves as a testament to Fielding Law and Ryan Cooper’s empathetic side, showing that their caring approach extends far beyond the courtroom. Their participation not only makes a difference in the lives of military and veterans’ families but also sets a commendable standard for corporate social responsibility.