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Amidst evolving technology, the utilization of Apple Vision Pro raises concerns, especially when used in potentially dangerous situations. The allure of augmented reality experiences is leading users to engage with the headset while performing various activities, including driving. This trend is not only alarming but also raises questions about the safety implications and potential accidents associated with distracted driving involving VR technology.

Dante Lentini’s Controversial Stunt

In a notable incident, Dante Lentini gained attention by posting a video where he wore the Apple Vision Pro headset while seated in the driver’s seat of a partially automated Tesla. Lentini, however, defended his actions, claiming that the stunt was not as dangerous as it appeared. According to him, the device was on transparency mode, allowing him to view the road through the headset’s cameras. Lentini even stated that an Apple engineer informed him about the headset having a steering-wheel detector, preventing users in the driver’s seat from using its apps. Despite Lentini’s reassurances, the incident raises questions about the perceived safety of using advanced VR technology while operating vehicles.

Government Warning Amidst Concerns

In response to these concerning behaviors, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has issued a stark reminder. He emphasizes that all advanced driver assistance systems, including those in partially automated vehicles, require the human driver to be fully engaged and in control of the driving task. Buttigieg’s warning comes with a video showcasing a person in Utah using the Vision Pro while driving a Tesla Cybertruck with hands off the wheel, highlighting the urgency of addressing distracted driving concerns.

Why Choose Fielding Law?

The evolving landscape of technology brings both innovation and challenges. As seen with the use of Apple Vision Pro, the intersection of VR and daily activities raises concerns about safety and responsible use. Fielding Law is committed to addressing the legal consequences of distracted driving incidents, ensuring that individuals affected receive the support and representation they deserve. If you find yourself in need of legal assistance, contact Fielding Law at 833.88.SHARK. Your safety and well-being matter to us.

Article Photo Credit: Loren Elliott/Reuters

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