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According to recent data from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and local law enforcement agencies, certain cities in Arizona demonstrate higher rates of car accidents than others. These statistics highlight areas where drivers should exercise increased caution and defensive driving skills.


Annual Car Accidents: Over 40,000
Primary Causes: Heavy Traffic, Rush Hour Congestion
Riskiest Areas: I-10, I-17, Downtown Phoenix


Annual Car Accidents: Approximately 15,000
Main Causes: Major Interstates, Urban Traffic
Riskiest Areas: I-10, I-19, University Boulevard


Annual Car Accidents: About 12,000
Key Causes: Busy Intersections, Commercial Zones
Riskiest Areas: US-60, Loop 202, Downtown Mesa


Annual Car Accidents: Around 9,000
Primary Factors: Population Growth, Urban Expansion
Riskiest Areas: Chandler Boulevard, Major Intersections


Annual Car Accidents: Approximately 7,500
Main Causes: Rapid Development, Increased Traffic
Riskiest Areas: Gilbert Road, Major Thoroughfares

These figures emphasize the importance of heightened awareness and defensive driving practices, particularly in areas with high traffic volumes or rapid development. Being informed about accident-prone zones enables drivers to make safer decisions while navigating Arizona’s roadways.

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