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By: Moranda F. on Fielding Law Firm
Location: Irvine

Clark responded to my request for assistance immediately after I called him. He spent hours talking to me about the case (at no cost to me whatsoever) and truly proved his abilities as a trustworthy attorney. He is a master chess player when it comes to fighting insurance companies and his methods get the most lucrative results. The coolest part of Clark’s practice is they don’t accept clients based on their ability to pay but on the validity of their case; they don’t get paid unless I get compensated from the settlement so it’s a win-win partnership. I was very pleased with their connections to medical doctors they helped coordinate for me; it’s not just 1 doctor they feed clients to, but an entire network of care providers customized to my specific injuries and no out-of-pocket cost on my part. Clark’s team (aka Clark the Shark’s “school of sharks”) is a FORCE; they know their stuff and are as professional and knowledgeable as he is. They really rescued the stress of recovering from a traumatic car accident. When accidents happen to friends and family I ALWAYS send them to this ALL-STAR TEAM.

By: Jack Tine on Fielding Law Firm
Location: Irvine

My case was turned down by 2 firms. It was taken on by my now retired attorney's son. It was just shy of a disaster. Clark took my case and I was awarded $100k. The team at Fielding Law is outstanding. The way they work together stood out immediately. They made me comfortable, kept me informed and didn't waste time. I'd highly recommend Clark's Team to anyone! Jack

By: Mia W. on Fielding Law Firm
Location: Irvine

Clark is a fabulous attorney. Not only does he truly care about each and every one of his clients, he is also a powerhouse and will do whatever it takes to obtain the best result possible. I truly cannot recommend him and his team enough!

By: Gene Bramson on Fielding Law Firm
Location: Irvine

I called Fielding Law to ask for advice for a friends accident and even though this is not a case he can handle, Clark completely gave me a very long personal consultation with the most amazing and useful advice for my friends to successfully handle their case. Their case didn’t involve bodily injury, solely car damage from another driver. I highly recommend him for your needs. He responded instantly and sincerely. If I ever need his services he will be on my speed dial, ‘favorites’!

By: Samantha Kirk on Fielding Law Firm
Location: Irvine

I met with Ryan on a few occasions who was handling my grandmas accident injury case. Ryan was very understanding, empathetic and kept us well informed about the progress in my grandmas case. We were very happy with the settlement for my grandma, who is in her mid 90’s. Highly recommend Ryan at Fielding Law!

By: Carol Krause on Fielding Law Firm
Location: Irvine

Fielding Law did an outstanding job of handling our case when my son and I were hit by a drunk driver. Clark does a really good job of communicating each step, which is what we needed since we had never been in an accident before. He has a very nice and knowledgeable staff, who also communicate well. We appreciate all the great work they did to help us through the unfortunate process of being in a car accident. I would highly recommend them!

By: Alex Dos Santos on Fielding Law Firm
Location: Irvine

The team at Fielding Law is second to none! I was involved in a car accident where the other driver was at fault and I didn’t know where to turn. You hear all these horrible stories about hiring an attorney and I can honestly say this was not my experience here at all. Ryan and the team at Fielding Law took my case at the 11th hour and helped me WIN my case! My family and I can’t thank Fielding Law enough for helping me through this scary and nerve racking experience. They were professional, timely, communicative, and most importantly caring every step of the way. I would turn to Fielding Law for all my legal advice after my interaction with them. Thank you all sooo much!

By: Monica Sett on Fielding Law Firm
Location: Irvine

I'm so appreciative of Clark's free legal advice! I've had a case open for over 2 years, and after getting little to no help from my insurance company, Clark was able to explain everything to me in a way that was easy to understand. Clark took the time to walk me through every possible scenario and what my options were. I feel much more confident about the knowledge I have about my pending case now. Clark is kind, patient, and was able to answer all of my questions!